Jack Neyer is the sole proprietor and owner of Neyer Software Consuling LLC. Jack has almost 50 years experience designing software systems for use in industrial, chemical and building automation controllers. This experience includes numerous protocol drivers, including BACnet, for both computer-based and embedded control systems. Jack has been involved with the BACnet protocol since the early 1990's first as the Software Engineering Manager at American Auto-Matrix®, where he reviewed and prototyped the first released version of the standard, and later and most recently as co-founder of PolarSoft® Inc. Jack holds a BSEE degree from the University of Pittsburgh.


Services provided by Neyer Software Consulting

  • BACnet Consulting
  • BACnet Software Design for Embedded Systems
  • BACnet Software Design for Microsoft® Windows® and Linux Systems
  • BACnet Testing
  • BACnet Training and Seminars
  • Support and Enhancement of PolarSoft BACnet Stacks

Contact Information

Company Information

  • Neyer Software Consulting is an independent Limited Liability Company located in Pittsburgh, PA and registered in the state of Pennsylvania in 2017. Neyer Software Consulting LLC is not affiliated with PolarSoft Inc. in any way and does not act as an agent or representative of PolarSoft or as a licensor or licensee of PolarSoft products or services.


PolarSoft® is a registered trademark of PolarSoft® Inc.
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